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"Frank Vitale is a genius."
-- David Beard, Cinema Canada
"a first-effort movie which really captures the imagination."
-- Jack Kapica, The Montreal Gazette

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Montreal Main now on DVD!

June 4, 2009

(Palm Springs, California) Sanya Home Entertainment & ABS Marketing is proud to announce that the thirty year wait for the U.S. home-viewing release of Montreal Main is over.

One of the most controversial films to come out of the 70’s international independent film scene, auteur Frank Vitale’s first feature film still resonates with innovation, both in cinematic style and subject matter. And it clearly exemplifies the reality that for many of us, we have not come a long way, baby.

At a time when most Canadian films were being shot on budgets of around $250,000, Vitale managed to get Montreal Main in the can for under $20,000. Himself an actor, Vitale gathered a group of thespian pals, added a grant from the Canadian Film Development Commission, and managed to produce a rarefied piece of celluloid dynamite that rocked its provincial roots. The film had a very limited theatrical release, but did find worldwide success on the festival circuit.

Montreal Main is a fascinating post-flower-power look at human relationships, some tangible and some still in early bloom. Yet it is the relationship that is chastely yearned for, that ends up wielding the most power here. Vitale stars as Frank, a professional photographer, who gets dragged by a pair of his gay friends to a party he’d much rather skip. He doesn’t know the married couple throwing the noisy bash, and he wanders from room to room seeking quiet. Instead, he finds the roaring allure of twelve-year-old Johnny, the son of the party hosts.

It is this elusive coming together that is at the heart of Montreal Main. From the initial mystery of whether this androgynous creature is boy or girl, Vitale and young Johnny Sutherland always keep the audience on a cock-eyed keel. Just what is really happening between these two, and their quirky friends? The viewer is never quite sure if the meandering vines of these tangled relationships will wrap their characters together into true love or strangle them to a tortuous end. Find out for yourself on this beautiful digitally-restored DVD, available (exclusively from Sanya Home Entertainment)

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